Live the Spiritual Life

God's Greatness17 Never stop praying. 18 Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. 19 Do not stifle the Holy Spirit.

God has a way for us to live. His way is based upon His Word and not upon this world’s systems. His way is a spiritual way and not a carnal or fleshly way. Let’s take a look at the above reference, it is not all-inclusive but it is a great start.

Never stop praying (vs.17)

Praying is the most spiritual thing you can do. Prayer is how we communicate with the Lord. It is not just a means to an end or how we get our needs met—although it is that too. But prayer is also the way we develop a close intimate relationship with the Lord. God is not like a big boss who we only approach when we need to ask for a raise.

We must develop the habit of living with a prayerful heart—one that desires to stay in constant contact with our Lord. We must desire to talk and commune with Him constantly. This is how a real relationship works and it is how we get to know Him intimately.

Be thankful (vs. 18)

Thankfulness is a very necessary part of a spiritual life. It speaks to our attitude and the condition of our heart. Generally, when we give thanks to God or people, we are showing our appreciation and recognition of what someone has done for us. Also, it shows our recognition that regardless of what we may be facing; it could be a lot worse!

I am aware it is difficult to be thankful when things are falling apart all around you, but it is necessary if you are to see things turn around for you. Being bitter and resentful will only draw more of the same to you, as well as build an ungrateful heart in you.

So, practice being thankful on a daily basis; it is what the Lord expects from us.

Embrace the Spirit of God (vs. 19)

God gives us His Spirit to live within us; to guide, comfort, instruct and convict. We need to embrace the Spirit and not stifle Him—for He is the very presence of God within us. To resist the Spirit is to resist God. When we resist God, we limit His power in our lives.

Time after time, the scriptures give examples of those who resisted God and paid a dear price for it. Also, we find examples of those who embraced God, His Spiritual leading or those He sent and they experienced great blessing or deliverance. Embracing the Spirit of God is to our benefit…always!

Therefore, let us make the decision to live the Spiritual Life—a live committed to embracing the way of God.

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Sebastian is a Christian, Author and Church Leadership trainer. His ministry calling, love for God, and His people; has led him into ministry of all types for over thirty years. He and his wife enjoy helping people in their walk of faith and finding solutions to the struggles of life, especially in the area of healing and marriage. Faith1st Blog is designed to open and continue the discussion on the subject of biblical "faith" as a "living" element of the Christian life. - "the just shall live by faith" - Habakkuk 2:4; Romans 1:17; Galatians 3:11; Hebrews 10:38 (KJV).

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10 comments on “Live the Spiritual Life
  1. Amen!! Good verses to meditate on…keep serving Him well Dear Brother,


  2. Patty B says:

    Timely message – we are studying Matthew in bible study and persistence in prayer has been a very encouraging lesson to learn. Blessings –


  3. Bead Charmer Girl says:

    Thank you for sharing your ministry in this blog. I especially enjoyed reading your comments about “never stop praying”. Great advice!


  4. So true Sebastian – I try to embrace God every day – sometimes we get busy with non-important things in life and forget our dialogue with our Lord. Thank you for the post – a much needed reminder..


  5. Terese says:

    Thank you for your blogging ministry! May the Lord richly bless you as you bless others through Him! Thank you for reading and liking my blog.


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